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I just fixed a long-standing bug that prevented people from following blogs from a Mastodon instance with Authorized Fetch enabled. The fix is deployed on, and will be merged into #WriteFreely soon. also sends out Notes instead of Articles in some cases. You should see that for this post, if you're following in the fediverse!

rude of commonwealth day to conflict with international women’s day imo. commonwealth day is more like international just-this-one-woman-actually day

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We merged our Lemmy community with one that already existed (woops) and they kindly made me a moderator:

“Elon Musk’s brain isn’t like most people’s. When he isn’t content with how something works, he reinvents it: cars, rockets — and now, cities.”

I… I do that too? Most people do? It’s not a question of brain, it’s a question of money. Lot’s of people have great idea on paper that they are never able to finance.

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Just because I'm a shit coder doesn't mean that I'm not a technical person. Learning about and tinkering with different kinds of software is my jam. I'm trying to build a business on that because I like helping people get the most from their technology. I've felt so bad and embarrassed because I can't code well and flunked out of Computer Science. But that doesn't make me any less technical and in fact, I might be more technical because I can translate geek to noob for people which is awesome!

I keep getting this pain in my neck almost every day for no apparent reason. And I was working on maximum relaxation yesterday. 😭

Meow there Mastodon! :mastodon: :meow:

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the cis arent allowed to talk about transhumanism i made that rule and i will enforce it

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