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We are launching , a website for doing full text search on fediverse content.

This could be very useful for small instances users that are missing full text searches, just about anyone else who is looking for a blazing fast fediverse search engine.

We have a well behaved indexer that honors users' preference on opting out status indexing.

Please give it a try and let us know what you think.

Unless you can address the economics of capital, rents, labour, public goods, and assets, and their relationships to power, privilege, and oppression, then technology itself either does not help, and frequently worsens, power imbalances.

if i was a computer kernel i would simply not panic

@CobaltVelvet once my kernel panicked and I was like "wow calm down you little bitch"

i heard Linux is the dominant operating system on mars

So I'm sometimes asked what exactly is a demiguy/demiboy and the broad answer to that is that it's a non-binary gender identity for people who feel partially male/masculine, partially something else (or nothing at all).

That itself isn't a very precise definition and that's because most people with this identity have a different personal interpretation of what it means for them.

Mine is that, I'm agender, but still retain masculinity in my presentation and perspective.

(Of course same goes for demigirls, only with being a woman and feminity instead!)

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Instance admin just lost their job, might need help is one of the largest and nicest instances on the Fediverse, run by an enthusiastic admin called @stux

Unfortunately Stux has today found out that they are fired from their day job 😞

However, by happy coincidence, Stux had just set up a hosting company. If you need web hosting, domain names etc please consider using Stuxhost so that Stux can continue working:

It drives me nuts that most video chat applications mirror my video. Why is that done? It doesn't make sense.

Not a programmer, not an entrepreneur, still a techie business owner. I think that's my brand now.

Today I learned that almost all ChromeOS devices have the eject command. Just in case you need to unmount your CD, Floppy, or Jazz drive. I think you need to be in Dev mode to get it, but it's there.

Hey #Fediverse! :)

I am wondering, why so few people use #Friendica. I personally started out on #Mastodon, but soon already moved on to Friendica, as it simply gives a huge extra load of features: compatible with all Fediverse #protocols (even #Diaspora), excellent feed reader functionality (in combination with #Nitter, #Bibliogram and #Invidious I get a feed from all my important #Twitter, #Instagram and #Youtube contacts directly in my Friendica timeline, without having an account on any of those commercial platforms), native Twitter bridge support (which I personally don't use), longer posts, a lot of extra #socialNetworking functionality like #forums, #events, #friendship, etc.

I do admit, that Friendica's #UI is much less modern and dynamic than Mastodon's, but this is the only downside I've found so far, and I'm also surprised, that no new UI has appeared within the last years, which would mitigate that.

I'd appreciate your views on that, and would be happy to hear other reasons for the fact that according to, Mastodon currently has 440,713 monthly active users, while Friendica only has 1,770... :)

Akira is an upcoming free open source UI/UX design tool for Linux. You can follow the project at:

➡️ @akiraux

Akira is aimed at web designers and graphic designers, and is currently in alpha testing. You can find out more at

#Akira #UI #UX #Interface #Design #WebDesign #Software #Development #Dev #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #Tools #Productivity

Nextcloud 21 brings a wide range of improvements in file handling performance with High-Performance Back-end and new collaboration features in Text, Talk, Groupware & Files.

In this blog, we go into a bit more detail about the performance improvements!

Mention of depression 

Anyone here trying to manage a full time and a while struggling with ? How do you handle it? Honestly I am barely able to do the and still deal with everything else in my life. I really want to grow my side business so it can replace my day job one day but I don't think I can find the energy. Plus is a struggle for me.

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