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rude of commonwealth day to conflict with international women’s day imo. commonwealth day is more like international just-this-one-woman-actually day

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We merged our Lemmy community with one that already existed (woops) and they kindly made me a moderator:

“Elon Musk’s brain isn’t like most people’s. When he isn’t content with how something works, he reinvents it: cars, rockets — and now, cities.”

I… I do that too? Most people do? It’s not a question of brain, it’s a question of money. Lot’s of people have great idea on paper that they are never able to finance.

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Just because I'm a shit coder doesn't mean that I'm not a technical person. Learning about and tinkering with different kinds of software is my jam. I'm trying to build a business on that because I like helping people get the most from their technology. I've felt so bad and embarrassed because I can't code well and flunked out of Computer Science. But that doesn't make me any less technical and in fact, I might be more technical because I can translate geek to noob for people which is awesome!

I keep getting this pain in my neck almost every day for no apparent reason. And I was working on maximum relaxation yesterday. 😭

Meow there Mastodon! :mastodon: :meow:

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the cis arent allowed to talk about transhumanism i made that rule and i will enforce it

Some people ask me what the advantage is to using a Librem 5 + laptop dock instead of just carrying a laptop around. After all, the dock is a similar same size and weight to a laptop. I discussed some advantages in my recent article, but here are a few others:

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