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I might as well take part in #caturday this week. So this is Leo and he likes sitting on and scratching my laptop

lol so much for Simple being a bank replacement—I guess things are tanking real fast since they were bought out and are being shut down. This just accelerated my inevitable replacing of Simple with an alternative.

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Simple support just told be that their debit cards are no longer compatible with Square merchants. That’s like 90% of the small businesses I buy things from. Their solution is to ask if the merchant is using Square, and if so use “a different debit card.”

They ruined streaming..

- Netflix
- Amazon Prime
- Disney Plus
- Discovery Plus
- Paramount Plus

Like people gonna pay for multiple services.. Back to downloading it is! :pirate:

How long have you been using your current daily use smartphone? What model is it? How did you manage to keep it going? What repairs did it need? Boosts appreciated!

So, I guess there are people who hang out in our subreddit who don’t even use elementary OS and just want to be shitters and/or give bad advice. Like why

I made cupcakes again, added some chocolate drops this time and a pinch of cinnamon, haven’t tried them yet though

I feel like staying same is a constant struggle these days. 😒

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