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Nextcloud closed 2020 with record numbers and doubled its growth rate.

Continued innovation with a strong focus on meeting the real-life needs of modern organizations during the move to remote collaboration over 2020 has been key to this growth!

Tune in here for the live stream!

Stay with us for a live Q&A and ask questions! 😍

Socialism demands an anti-racist world. It also demands the abolishment of police and any form of protection around private ownership and its protectors. Like the fact that capitalism and racism were more-or-less built at the same time by Europe and then America juiced it up should be enough to want to be done with it.

I mostly interact with the web using my #rss reader of choice Newsblur.

With the discovery of gemfeed for gemblogs on, I would love to see #gemini feeds in Newsblur too so put in a feature request,

GoFundMe, please boost 💛 

Hi everyone, please could you boost this for me. Even £1 helps. Thank you 💛

are my coping mechanisms healthy in the long term? no. but do they work in the short term? absolutely not

Tell us what you think! Review Nextcloud on Capterra and help others find their perfect software match.

I haven't been taking care of myself much lately and I just find it very difficult to get motivated to do anything. Must be . :/

I did find this one with a quick google search, but want to confirm my choice is reasonable before going through the trouble of a transfer.

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Does anyone have recommendations for a good reliable #coop website hosting service?

The one I'm currently using has gotten pretty flakey, but I want to keep it in the co-op economy...

Need financial help, pretty urgent, please boost 

Hey there, I know I asked for helps only weeks ago but my situation has gotten worse (I got my unemployment benefits an entire week late) and now I’m in a REALLY tight spot. I’ve paid my rent but I really don’t have much left for the rest of this months’ expense.

Please if you can, I would really appreciate if you sent me some money. Any amount helps. If not, please boost this post, because that helps too

Thanks in advance!!

Suggesting using Microsoft Teams for a meeting with someone outside your organization is a faux pas. 🤮

Literally any other service? I'll happily adapt.

But Teams?


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