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Festive #FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @senfcall - FOSS privacy-friendly video conferencing service

🌟 @sohkamyung - Wildlife photographer in Singapore

🌟 @art - Bot posting random classical paintings from the archive

🌟 @pla - Cyclist blogger keeping track of journeys on OpenStreetMap

🌟 @TheCanine - Pixel artist specialising in dogs and other animals

🌟 @kunihito_ohtsubo - Japanese photographer of beautiful landscapes

"What am I doing on the 25th of December?" you might ask. I am fixing a bug.

There is a small configuration that I forgot to change during the migration to the new CDN and that is causing problems with Mastodon audio player.

I will be doing a restart to fix this. You should expect less than 30 seconds of downtime.

Thanks 🐘

Working on a blog post to wrap up the year before going on vacation.

"TL;DR: Disabled Native American has less than 30 days to pay back US Govt Disability for having earned β€œtoo much money” to collect disability (but not enough to live on).

$4 and a share on your socials will save her life."

The most frustrating part of this year *by far* has been watching millions of people in the US think of themselves over others, even when the consequence can be death.

We're 10+ months into this and I still have to walk past people in stores not wearing masks. It's infuriating.

There's a dinosaur game in Chrome browser and then there's this retro cyberpunk style game in the Vivaldi browser

Open the browser and type this:

#vivaldi #browser #retro #cyberpunk #windows #mac #linux #android #chromeos #chrome

Linux Hot Take 

is a distribution. Yes it's a weird one but that's why I like it. To me it's kind of like Qubes OS only lighter. Everything is sand-boxed and isolated and I love it, and run wonderfully on them. Plus I can securely run all my favorite Linux apps. Love it! I might start trying my hand at web development next which is super easy on nowadays.

bad pun idk 

PlayStation always sells more than Xbox in the capital of Pennsylvania cause it's always Sony in Philadelphia

I need to find my other tribes...

I found my Linux and open source tribe, and you guys are an awesome community! But I also need to find my creative writing and songwriter tribes.

Where do you go looking for yours?

Where can you buy DRM-free e-books?

I've added 11 new DRM-free e-books, magazine and comic shops to Libreture's list of bookshops this month alone.

There's more to e-books than just Amazon and Kobo!

I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I would like to download software
With a license that is freed

I just want code for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is GNU

Some ad on TV: Heart Failure could land YOU in the hospital!

Me: No fucking shit?

This article by @MinimalistEdTech really resonates with me because I am for my local . It amazes me how complicated is and yet it doesn't have to be that complicated. We need simple tools that are designed for students in order to have a better learning experience. Sure, whether students have the right tech is one thing but it doesn't make a difference if they aren't able to use it effectively.

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