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Massive corporations do not have your interests at heart. No matter what they tell you about privacy, security, etc., you as an individual do not matter to them and they will bow to other interests first. Remember this in 2020, and support independent open source projects.

@Wolf480pl I'm a fan of systemd actually :) it is free software and it is quite modular, contrary to some beliefs. Different distros ship with different sets of systemd components. Wouldn't hurt for it to be even more modular, such as supporting elogind (being able to use logins without systemd the PID 1) upstream.

One software freedom that Stallman does not mention is the freedom *not* to use the program because you dislike or don't want it for some reason

Free software tends to be flexible, have clear boundaries, split responsibilities, and replaceable components, thanks in part to openly defined protocols and formats

Proprietary software tends to want to lock you in into their freaking ecosystem, and even if they adopt an open standard, it's a part of an E-E-E strategy

no one saying #deathtoamerica is saying death to American people

they're saying death to the imperialist American government, death to oppression and capitalism and colonialism, death to the CIA and the US military. the things that America has always symbolized to the people it has crushed under its heel in pursuit of lucre and power.

FOSS question 

Does anyone know if there's a LineageOS-equivalent for Android TVs?

Please boost for visibility.

Holy cow, #YUNOHost now lists #Hubzilla and #Friendica as a "decent quality app", which I understand to mean they're ready for use.

These are apps that could be really useful for community organizing and getting people away from surveillance capitalism. And the status is a change from the last time I looked.

Time to get serious about setting up a YUNOHost instance....

And give them some support.

What is today?


i like syncthing because i can just set it up between my laptop and my desktop to sync and have redundency. then i can set it up on my nas and it will sync even if one device is suspended or powered off and be more redundant. and on my phone to upload the selfies even when i'm not home. and then my nas can make hourly backups locally and send encrypted snapshot far away

#Facebook is once again in the news for all the wrong reasons. A database containing more than 267 million user IDs and matching phone numbers has been discovered on the internet.


The Byte music player on @elementary OS is fantastic ! Support for webradios, a very minimal interface, perfect for a random playlist while at work ! Highly recommended.

Might brush up on bash scripting or learning Javascript. Not sure which yet...

Anarchy is order; government is civil war.
-- Anselme Bellagarrigue

#anarchism #quote #bot

I've got #Pinafore running off my home desktop for the last couple of months -- mostly so I could have a lightweight web client to access Mastodon on my phone without needing a dedicated client.

Today, I decided to try Pinafore on the laptop using only the hotkeys, and hot damn they are well thought out. I might actually start using Pinafore as my primary desktop Mastodon client as well.

The real power of Free Software for me is its role in changing people's attitudes to problems. You don't have to wait for someone else to fix things for you. Not only if you are a programmer, you can fund someone else to fix it for you too. There are so many successful crowd funding campaigns demonstrating everyone contributes.

This change in perspective will help in thinking about any kind of common problems. Sadly this perspective is not widely highlighted by the community.


After being here for six months on a regular basis now, I have to say this place is doing just fine, and the people here are extremely good and cool and I wouldn't want it any other way.

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Hey netizens, please, *please* stop doing unpaid marketing work for YouTube by embedding their videos on your websites. I understand continuing to upload videos there to reach the large audience that already use it, but that doesn't mean you have to link to them. If you also upload your videos on a #PeerTube instance, or some other more independent video host, and embed those on your sites, you can help to grow the audience for ethical video hosting networks.

@Wolf480pl Intellectual Property is the enemy of a free society.

The nginx case is just one in a global pattern that has been going on for decades now. Another would be FrageDenStaat being sued for breach of copyright when publishing answers to the local equivalent of FOIA requests.

Art and education must be free, otherwise you're enforcing social hierarchies I consider myself to be an enemy of.

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