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Do you believe that corrupt assholes should be removed from power? Then try Anarchy™ today!

With Anarchy™, you'll be challenging hierarchies to find and remove those corrupt assholes in no time! With any luck, you might just discover that certain positions of power aren't even necessary in the first place and prevent exploitation by demolishing it too!

Anarchy™ - We dethroned the kings and queens, so we can dethrone you too!

AnonAddy: Anonymous Email Forwarding

Create Unlimited Email Aliases For Free

Everyone is working for the weekend, let's start organising that way.
The famous labor poster:
8 hours for Work, 8 hours for Rest, 8 hours for What You Will
A new take:
4 days for Work, 3 days for What You Will.


Yup, no special glasses needed. Starting today we have a 2-to-1 Matching Grant so your donations will be tripled. $5 gift becomes $15 for! If you enjoy our books, music, radio, web, games...please chip in & Triple Your Impact!


I'm still around, just busy/recovering from hosting a demo party. Have a cat picture.

Welp, just lost any sense of authority they may have had. If they're hawking end-of-lifed hardware meaning vulnerable to known security exploits without ever being patched, plus lies about the original price; I don't really trust their editorial ethics either.

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No one really cares because it's an ad, but this has been floating around and it's maddening.

- This is a *7 year old Chromebook*
- This *never* cost $600, it retailed for $249. The "80% off" is meant solely to fool gullible buyers


Built anything cool using elementary OS lately?

#writefreely is probably the best small blogging platform I have ever used

@revkellyn thanks for the boost and response! I didn’t realize Handbrake could rip DVDs so I used MakeMKV but the file sizes are huge! TiVo does come with the Plex app so was able to get it up and running.

What do folks do about cleaning up the metadata? Can Plex automatically clean that up or is that a manual exercise?

Here's the thing: as long as the internet is going to be owned and operated by private companies, you can write all the contracts you want, the opinion of the shareholders will always come first.

You want to "solve" the internet? Get corporations the fuck out of the infrastructure: incentivise people-owned. cooperative ISPs, teach people how to host their own stuff, decentralise the fuck out of social media, destroy each and every concentration of power on the network.

That's literally it.

What I thought #mastodon would be like: Free software, no ads or evil design choices, but probably no one’s using it, everybody’s on twitter, network effect near impossible to beat, it will be empty feeds and speaking to the void.

What #mastodon actually is like: I never interacted with so many people before and all of you are wonderful, kind, awesome human/furry beings. I love y’all ♡

(Amazing what a difference it makes, zero tolerance for nazis! 🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍 )

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