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A truly privacy-focused product must protect your data from itself, protect your data from others, be fully open source, and have a direct funding model. See how elementary does all of the above.

Consumer debt is the lifeblood of our economy. All modern nation states are built on deficit spending. Debt has come to be the central issue of international politics. But nobody seems to know exactly what it is, or how to think about it.
-- David Graeber

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windows, i love you but, wait no just stop fucking up

U.S. violence 

The FBI is (lying) claiming they can't unlock the Dayton shooter's phone because of its passcode.

They're going to take away the free Internet sooner rather than later.

At this point, we still need to list requirements and design the feature at a higher level before starting implementation work.

This happens at

The good news is that Podcasts support is on our roadmap ( and likely to be scheduled for the 0.21 release, which is due by the end of 2019 (or early 2020).

In terms of implementation skills and work, we'll need UX and UI design, API/Python dev (for the back-end) and Javascript dev for the web UI. And people willing to review / test all the corresponding contributions.

But right now, what we need is consensus on what "Podcast support" actually means before we move on to the implementation ;)

So, if you're willing to help, what you can do is going to and share your use cases, ideas and feedback on what have already been discussed there.

As soon as we have basic consensus on the feature, we can start the implementation work. I'd love to see a hackathon focused on this topic and I really think it could help to achieve this!

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We must fight authority and privilege, while taking advantage from the benefits that civilisation has conferred. We must not destroy anything that satisfies human need however badly -- until we have something better to put in its place.
-- Errico Malatesta

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I hate because it even ruins jobs in the public sector for everyone. :/

Some observations on capitalism 

Danish banks are offering 10 year mortgages with a -0.5% interest rate. They'll pay you half a percent to borrow money.

I don't understand why this is a thing.

30 year loans in Denmark have a half percent interest rate. You pay half a percent over 30 years. Denmark, apparently, thinks a Major Recession is coming.

That's scary.

Also Uber announced a 5+ Billion dollar loss with under 1 billion revenue and their share prices Increased.

... What the fuck?

I have a good idea that will exempt you from relying on others while still finding food naturally. How? By practicing communism.
-- He Zhen

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