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Vote by mail should be implemented in every state. This is a hill I will die on.

Have you ever noticed that the people who scream the loudest that religion should stay out of politics, generally treat their own political viewpoint like a religion? So what they're really saying is that their religion doesn't need competition.

Meta, Purism & race 

I made a responsive CSS Grid version of the Periodic Table of the Elements. Not a tutorial. More of a post hoc justification.

it's called a deadname because if you call a trans person by it, you'll die immediately

Do you use a self-hosted newsletter service like Mailtrain, Maily Herald, Mautic, or Postal? Any recommendations?

Purism will allow bigoted content on their servers 

Google I/O, Privacy 

Looking for a secure communication channel which doesn't leak the crucial meta-data of who-communicates-with-whom? Try #selfhosting a #nextcloud Talk server!

Version 6 Introduces:
🗣persistent one-on-one conversations

me: *spitting blood* I’ll never give you the chaos emeralds

Obama: *rolling up his sleeves* let me be clear, uhh, I will break you.

Purism will allow bigoted content on their servers 

@bigl0af Librem does have a policy against harassment. Members of the community who are yelling at librem moderation staff and management about how they do their jobs should be banned for harassing the moderators in the course of doing their duties.

I finally have a solution for opening (libre/MS) office documents on my Phone using only free software!

With Nextcloud, Collabora Online and the Nextcloud Android app.

Editing should work too but is a bit buggy on my Phone still.

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