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@revkellyn The use case for that particular software simply became obsolete and nobody uses it anymore. For the devs, it's still useful - somehow - but I honestly doubt anyone else uses it. It became the devs' toy.
The End.
So here's my message to Linux elitists who thought they were liberating people from proprietary software by not supporting Windows platforms:

Thanks for nothing. - 4/4

I explained my reasons to the devs, even as I offered my contributions to make their software cross-platform. I was ridiculed, ignored and even attacked.
Two decades later, that particular piece of software became a museum piece when the time to offer a Windows alternative never came.
It could have been a game changer, and yet, that went nowhere and the potential users for that software moved somewhere else - 3/4

Around that time, there was no open source Windows alternative for a certain software that was used a lot at the time in certain circles. To use the Linux alternative would mean switching back and forth between Windows and Linux, and that was a no-no. The best approach was to make it cross platform so that everyone could switch the software first, and the OS later - 2/4

Ironically it's been Open Source fanatics who sabotage their own software.
Allow me to share a story. Back in the 90/early 00s, I had to depend on using Windows for my job, and partitioning my drive was wondering I couldn't do. OpenOffice sucked and switching to Linux would leave me in a strange land, stranded from all the good software I could depend on - 1/4

@revkellyn Yes. That's why these days I tend to support approaches such as @elementary that also try to help resolving this economic aspect for developers.

@revkellyn @one I agree that politicians' interests can be misaligned with what's best for the people.

I wonder if there are other more successful systems (in other countries, perhaps) that might give us ideas for incremental improvements towards a better system. I know very little about political science or the best ideas here.

let's all just appreciate the example image on wikipedia's rabbit article

i'm such in need for money and i rly fucking hate having to beg for it
but fuck it if you see this feel free to send me something if you can and want

i'd greatly appreciate and that would really really help me like making me able to buy actual food

maybe i'll do a more "official" post later but for now if you wanna help and/or boost that'd be awesome i really love you

Oh this is awesome:

A collection of "pubic domain" DIY tech for small farms and gardens, including a giant food dehydrator, small threshers, and small winnowers.

@switchingsocial it really depends on the theme you use rather than wordpress itself or the hosting service. you can manually remove any third-party dependencies from a theme that uses them or straight up just use a theme that has no third-party connections such as generatepress


I'm basically trying to find alternatives to Blogger and Googleified WordPress.

WordPress itself is in theory ok as it's free and open, but it seems almost impossible to find a non-techie version which doesn't come with Google Fonts.

I'm not looking for ways to disable Google Fonts, I'm looking for a service where Google Fonts isn't there by default, so that I can recommend the service to non-techies.

WordPress people,

Can you recommend WordPress paid and managed hosting services that *don't* use Google Fonts by default?

(i.e. a service easy enough for non-techies to use, but which doesn't automatically put Google's claws into their site)

It seems like every default WP theme has some kind of code that loads up Google Fonts, even if you don't use Google Fonts.

#WordPress #AskTheFediverse

Hey @switchingsocial,
I'm looking for an (ideally FOSS) alternative to TeamViewer.

I need to support less tech-savvy people using Windows as well as Linux on their computers - and of course it would be great to serve all of them using the same tool...
Most of the host systems don't have a static IP address, and I'm afraid I can't VPN into their local LANs.
Any idea?

Please feel free to retoot - I'm looking forward to any suggestions :mastogrin:

@revkellyn Google and Facebook are on similar levels but because Amazon has their hands in so many other things (replacing the kind-of-sort-of public delivery infrastructure in the U.S, slavery-level "temp labour" stuff, etc) I feel like Amazon is hands down the easiest choice.

grandparents on facebook are the ultimate reply guys

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