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@Shamar @charlag @julianruf @HerraBRE @JordiGH The distance between Zuck and other people is measured mainly by the size of his bank account and his amount of access to personal data.

Mocking him may be amusing, but I don't think that would be an effective way to put people off of using Facebook. People don't use Facebook because of Zuck. They don't use it because they trust him (mostly they don't). They don't even use it because it's convenient (the UI is horrible and cluttered).

Facebook isn't so much about Zuck, although his original creepyness did frame all subsequent development of the platform. It's more of a web architecture phenomena. If Zuck retired tomorrow (he could easily afford to) someone else would take his place with the same web 2.0 stuff. So the silo issue is not just about a few "crony capitalists".

Star Trek TNG Season 1 Episode 24, when Admiral Quinn throws Geordi through the door, you can see the unpainted wood on the bottom of the prop.

Oh hell yeah! Look at these incredible youth. STRIKE! Inspiring mass action in times where such action is utterly essential

Love and solidarity to the young leaders organizing here! Beautiful hope

Youth climate strikes to take place in more than 100 countries

[Hundreds of thousands of children are expected to walk out of their classrooms on Friday for a global climate strike amid growing anger at the failure of politicians to tackle the escalating ecological crisis.]

Up to now you have believed in the existence of tyrants. Well, you were mistaken. There are only slaves. Where none obeys, none commands.
-- Anselme Bellagarrigue

#anarchism #quote #bot

I heard Mars had little atmosphere.

Couldn't we create one by dimming the lights and playing jazz?

Holy shit! I didn't realize I passed 50 followers today! Thanks for finding my toots so durn interesting.

I moved the printer paper so he could have a perch he wanted. :benny:

Introducing Indie Web Server (video)

I just recorded a short video demonstrating just how simple and seamless Indie Web Server really is.

Running a secure development web server is one command. Running a secure production web server is… umm… still one command.

Enjoy! 🤓

The email subscriptions feature will involve new processes that regularly check for posts scheduled to be sent out via email, so with that in place, we'll be able to support federation on scheduled posts, too.

This was mentioned in #writefreely issue #76 (

To you, Sir, a happy #piday and to the #fediverse at large! The hubby made me two little chicken pies.

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@Tusky @fdroidorg @Tutanota
More icons added!

Featured (FLOSS):
- @gsantner 's Markor
- MusicPiped
- Stanley (the app I use to inspect other apps and extract info to use in the icon pack)
- Odyssey
- DeltaCamera

@byllgrim @ebel Other versions are "liberty software", which I guess sounds just as stilted, but means the same thing; and "freed software", which at least rolls off the tongue better and is pretty close to the same meaning.

Take HTML and CSS, for instance. How many web sites do you know use no javascript whatsoever? (If you've been following me, you'll know I advocate progressive enhancement: a web site must function properly withouy needing javascript.)

Javascript is an astonishingly great and powerful programming language, that has traits of imperative, procedural, event-driven, object-oriented, and functional programming, much of which is never mentioned in tutorials.

Measuring the "Filter Bubble": How Google is influencing what you click

(by DuckDuckGo)

"Now, after the 2016 U.S. Presidential election and other recent elections, there is justified new interest in examining the ways people can be influenced politically online. In that context, we conducted another study to examine the state of Google's filter bubble problem in 2018."

#FuckOffGoogle #FuckOffGoogleAndCo

PS: DuckDuckGo is a centralized US service, relying on Amazon

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