This is the first time I noticed vanilla #Mastodon does not allow to have both: a poll and an image in one post. Boo. :sadness:

Huh, cool, the new #Mastodon release supports Gemini URLs:

Actually, there's a lot of really good improvements on that list. Good job, Masto!

Use whatever you like. Use sublime use atom use vim use emacs use spacemacs use notepad++ I do not care

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@ChrisWere @cassidyjames Yeah the Stadia controller is really nice. I love the Wasabi color! I'd like to add that I can't afford to build a gaming PC just to play games when I'm more of a casual gamer. So it's awesome to have access to games whenever I want on any device I want (mostly).

@cassidyjames I'm all in on ! Especially with pro because I get so many games for free that I wouldn't otherwise play. And it plays very smoothly!

I maintain that a hybrid approach may be the near-term future, with a powerful local console/PC for the highest fidelity and then cloud access for anywhere else, maybe as part of a PlayStation Network/Xbox Live/Nintendo Online/etc. type service.

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I’ve played more video games this week than I have in a long, long time—all on Stadia because PS5 is still impossible to come by. And yep, this is the future of gaming. Seamlessly playing the same game with no console or PC on multiple screens depending on what’s convenient.

My parents got me a Raspberry Pi 400 for Christmas! 😍 This means I have the cutest little desktop computer running elementary OS 6 Early Access. And now I can stick the networking microSD card back into the Raspberry Pi 4 and wire it back into the router.

Telegram to start monetising in 2021 through fees and homegrown ad platform, founder announces


[2/2] If I simplify my job and my business maybe I won't be so overwhelmed and burned out. I'm really tired of being so down and isolating myself, so I'm going to try to be more open online and say what I feel but do so on the to ensure that my thoughts and feelings aren't used to make money for some rich asshole. We'll see how it goes. In the meantime, look forward to me tooting more in the near future about lots of tech and political stuff. Sorry for the long ramble.

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[1/2] Due to and generally not being happy in my job, I've been fighting deep . Fortunately, it has also given me the time to reflect on what I've been doing and where I want to be in my life. I'm going to start more and more here in the as a creative outlet for my thoughts and ideas. I plan to but doing the work in advance to make sure I keep in touch with the people who matter to me. I'll try to be more social too.

Sengi is a free open source Mastodon desktop app for Linux, Mac and Windows, and there's also a browser version. You can follow at:

➡️ @sengi_app

There's also the developer's blog at:

➡️ @nicolas-constant

You can find out more and download Sengi from its official website at

#Sengi #Mastodon #App #Apps #Fediverse #FOSS

The next time someone asks for a global menu bar I’m gonna tell them we have one, you just can’t see it because apps don’t have menus

But, let me clarify something.

Racism is SYSTEMIC. There is no system in the world that exists to oppress white people for being white. You could theoretically say that someone is prejudiced against white people, but prejudice and systemic oppression are not the same. Two completely different things.

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1. White people are not oppressed for being white.
2. White people are not victims of systemic racism.
3. You cannot be racist towards white people for being white.

I really don't care to debate this because the people who disagree tend to not want to actually listen.


anyone knows a fediverse instance that caters to #CreativeWriting and #GenreFiction?

boost for reach plz, I'm trying to find my people.

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