So my with failed to boot yesterday so I tried to reboot it and it started up fine but then kept crashing every time I tried to open it. Even if I reinstalled it. In the end, I had to factory reset the thing. Was less painful than I thought it would be but still annoying. You Googled it up again !

Been thinking about stuff to post on my . I definitely need to make a because I am just as good a writer as I am a guru. Maybe this could help me explore other avenues in the future. Being burned out by lately, it's nice to explore my options.

I like that has features in it now. A breath of fresh air for someone like me who is trying to use more but trying to use a little less at the same time. Great work @nolan!

I have a feeling this won't end well for those of us who want voice assistants that done,t spy on you. :/

Sonos buys Snips, a privacy-focused voice assistant - The Verge

Really impressed with the project! Network wide on all of my devices? Yes please! It works quite well but I want to tweak it so I can have maximum blocking. Tips on good block lists to add are welcome! :)

Oh, and did I mention I installed Pi-hole inside and ? I love containers! 😍

I am just in awe of this new thing my can do! I can write on directly in a browser tab using my . I had paperwork I had to send with iPad repairs I needed to send at work and I was able to fill out the PDF multiple times, save, and print very quickly.

It's amazing how when they print out my handwriting actually looks like I wrote it with black ink. 😁

So proud of myself! I was able to recover for a client that was stuck inside a .dbx file from . With nothing but a terminal on my box! She's going to be so happy! 😁

The program I used was called unDBX for anyone interested:

So I've been using for some time to make websites for myself and clients and while I love how easy it is to use and the beautiful site designs, I'd like to use something that's just as usable but or and NOT . Any suggestions? There are way too many options it's hard to pick. :/

For the love of God! Why doesn't a tool exist? Maybe it does but I have trouble finding a good one on the web. Any ideas for remotely monitoring computers running ? Oh yes and I need to be able to self host the thing.

Anyone have experience with ? Say I wanted to have no more than 150 people. What specs should I be using for my server? Would an Intel NUC based PC do?

I'm getting really tired of the industry whitewashing and using platforms that engage in ! As an industry where we give individuals and businesses advice on what software and services to use, we should NOT be promoting the likes of and who use our private data for their CEO's personal profit. It's simply unethical! I will be promoting and to my clients and , , , etc.

Good morning Fediverse! I've recently switched from to due to the impending bullshit with disabling ad blockers. Honestly I'm not Firefox's biggest fan because they take money from Surveillance Capitalists but it was easy to disable the in it. It's a shame that doesn't have support yet, otherwise I wouldn't need Firefox.

I've decided to make it my mission to educate people on and all the good it can do for individuals and society. Things like , , , etc can all be used in very unique and creative ways to make life better for so many people. As an person, I feel it is my duty to also steer people away from the exploitative parts of the web like Facebook et al. Funny how most people in my industry actually use Facebook to manipulate people. I won't.

I'm sorry but Firefox has never worked for me, Chrome has always worked better and is more secure. Sure, Google can be a real tyrant sometimes but they did make a good product. With a few settings tweaks and extensions I can limit the data Google can collect on me and there is always Chromium for the Open Source purists out there. There, I said it.

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