Ugh, people who claim to be helping people with can be so dumb sometimes. I was forwarded info about a program. It's a . I'm already in a stable , like I really want to work my ass off for no pay just to get a potential job at a large company and become a stooge if I even got a real job there. At least I work for a school which is in the . Fuck Capitalism!

Turns out if every decision you make hinges on whether it will make you money or not it's a surefire way to make you bored with your life.

Thinking about doing in the . Anybody have any thoughts on this and how it might relate to ?

I'm a who hates . What more proof do you need that people are still willing to work under ?

I hate because it even ruins jobs in the public sector for everyone. :/

In taking the Red Pill back, we should call any Manosphere "red pill" a Copper Top, cause they're the battery that keeps Capitalism going.

While I feel that we should try to support "ethical" software and services, it's important to remember what Sonic the Hedgehog said:

"There is no ethical consumption under Capitalism."

No matter how "ethical" a company tries to be, most of them still operate as companies. Even if all of them became CoOps, there would still be Capital somewhere in the supply chain.

Use whatever software works for you and fight for your rights when you can.


Which company is the worst?

I'm getting sick of Big Oil this, Big Data that! They are all just Big Leobowskis and real reactionaries in my book.

Political Shitpost 

Donald Trump is a fucking human paraquat! That is all!


So we have people who contest the fair of Maduro in but no one is questioning the unfair election of Trump in the . How ideologically convenient for . 🤬

Just like there is no ethical consumption under Capitalism, there can be no purely under Capitalism. So stop shaming people for not using 100% .

Use and software as much as you can to resist Proprietary and Unethical Software. If you can't switch everything, that's okay. You're still resisting Capitalism.

How do you define Non-Commercial? Can you have a solo for that to count? What about being part of a ? Basically if you're sharing stuff with the world but also selling stuff for , is that Non-Commercial?

I am so sick of that I want to throw up. 🤮 I'm sorry but it's a terrible business model. You're literally selling people's attention to companies that want them to buy shit they don't need. I disagree with anyone who says that ads can be acceptable or ethical. It's one thing to tell people about a cool product or service but it's another to manufacture needs and shove them down people's throats.

Good morning Fediverse! I've recently switched from to due to the impending bullshit with disabling ad blockers. Honestly I'm not Firefox's biggest fan because they take money from Surveillance Capitalists but it was easy to disable the in it. It's a shame that doesn't have support yet, otherwise I wouldn't need Firefox.

Because we humans have a tendency to intend to do good but sometimes do way more harm than good, I encourage anyone who knows I'm doing harm to tell me, along with why what I'm doing is bad. We all change our opinions to try to be better people. Some are better about this than others though which is why I invite others to challenge my ideas if there is a flaw. No one is perfect but I believe we can all be better together.

Dirty Commie Propaganda ;) 

I find it funny how we teach our kids to share but when we become adults we forget about sharing and talk about nothing but owning shit. 😐

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