[1/2] Due to and generally not being happy in my job, I've been fighting deep . Fortunately, it has also given me the time to reflect on what I've been doing and where I want to be in my life. I'm going to start more and more here in the as a creative outlet for my thoughts and ideas. I plan to but doing the work in advance to make sure I keep in touch with the people who matter to me. I'll try to be more social too.

I've been away from the for far too long. I feel like things are more real here and that you can speak your mind about stuff without worrying that you're going to get flamed for it or something. The problem is, I still have that mentality in my head and I'm afraid to post stuff. So I'm going to try and post more stuff and see if I feel like I can adequately express myself on the . I'm just so tired of and fake news and shit.

Is there an easier solution to mirror my posts to without using as a stepping stone. Also I wonder if it's even possible to see Facebook comments and messages from the .

Been thinking about the future of my accounts. I initially saw my account as a stream of my consciousness where I occasionally post about random stuff. I haven't really done much of that so I don't know what to focus on for this account. I'm currently thinking of stuff to write for a and a blog on @write_as and obviously I can boost those feeds from here but other than that I'm not sure. Should I do a poll on what you guys might like to see here?

Cleaning up my accounts, trying to make it homey after being away for so long.

Why do people feel more isolated after deleting their Facebook accounts and moving to the not caring if their friends don't follow you? Isn't the point to not be isolated? Using for what is was actually intended for? You know, connecting with people more?

I like that has features in it now. A breath of fresh air for someone like me who is trying to use more but trying to use a little less at the same time. Great work @nolan!

Hard to believe I have over 200 followers now! ! You guys are awesome! :D

So while I was away from the , trolls from Gab started following me. Put a stop to that in just a couple of clicks. I love !

Well it looks like I took an unintended sabbatical from the lately. Good news, I'm back! Not sure what I'm gonna be posting going forward yet but I plan on reading what all you awesome people are tooting and possibly boosting stuff I like. More original toots coming soon! ;)

I would like to make a account for my . Should I use:

Yet Another ! How do you prefer your instances?

I feel like my feed is just my stream of consciousness sending out my random thought without organization. It's pretty far out! 😎

Leaving the for a while to listen to Celtic music in the . I shall return well relaxed! 😉

Yes my local play house has 2 Celtic/world music bands playing. So excited to sit and listen. 🎵

Take it easy and abide fediverse!

I love how the really gives me the freedom to be myself. Sure there are issues with spam and haters but they can easily blocked by your friendly neighborhood instance admin. Especially when you're the admin! 😉

I dig how in the no website is an island in isolation but is part of an interconnected archipelago. Kind of reminds me of Antarctica. The actual islands are the instances and the ice is , making the archipelago feel like one giant continent. Let's keep the ice intact and keep the open and weird. 😎

Thinking about doing some for . I might host a small study group, videos on , selling my priestly services (weddings, funerals, blessings, etc.), and maybe some other things. It would be mainly towards my home town but I certainly want to bring the Dude word to the . What do you think?

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