It's interesting how even though we don't really think about it too often, I think we all kind of know that everything is waves. I mean the stuff we're made of act like waves, sounds are waves through matter, light acts like waves, etc. I mean, where do you think the terms 'on different wavelengths' and 'good vibes and bad vibes' (vibes being another word for waves) come from? I think it's all pretty far out. Keep spreading good vibes Dudes. 😎

I'm getting sick of Big Oil this, Big Data that! They are all just Big Leobowskis and real reactionaries in my book.

The Moxie Strings were awesome yesterday! They preformed at our historic theatre rocking the fiddle and electric cello. Far fucking out man! 🎡😎

Leaving the for a while to listen to Celtic music in the . I shall return well relaxed! πŸ˜‰

Yes my local play house has 2 Celtic/world music bands playing. So excited to sit and listen. 🎡

Take it easy and abide fediverse!

"How many people are in an ordinary church? 100? 200? How many people are in a bowling league? 100? 200? We are designed to be in tribes of 100-200 people and to look out for each other."

-- Rev. Oliver Benjamin
The Dudely Llama

Fabulous stuff man! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ

I've been binging a lot of lately. Not only does the sound good to me but I dig how they are seriously taking their music and lyrics not too seriously. Sounds pretty dude to me! 😎

Ever notice how most of the time none of us know what the fuck we're talking about. Seems like only through trial and error do we eventually figure shit out. πŸ€”

Happy Dudes! At , Dude is gender neutral. But hey, special shout-out to all the female Dudes that have advanced our society, down through the generations and across the sands of time! 😎

A is defined as the simplest that can possibly work. I take comfort in that as a Dudeist Priest. I mean, once a database gets too complex everything can go wrong. It's almost like a Wiki is applied to technology. I mean take it easy and Keep It Simple. It's better for everyone, take it from me an person and a dudeist. 😎️

Thinking about doing some for . I might host a small study group, videos on , selling my priestly services (weddings, funerals, blessings, etc.), and maybe some other things. It would be mainly towards my home town but I certainly want to bring the Dude word to the . What do you think?

God, I love these videos from Rev. Dudely Noted. He saves some baby ducks in this video:

Political Shitpost 

Donald Trump is a fucking human paraquat! That is all!

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