Linux Hot Take 

is a distribution. Yes it's a weird one but that's why I like it. To me it's kind of like Qubes OS only lighter. Everything is sand-boxed and isolated and I love it, and run wonderfully on them. Plus I can securely run all my favorite Linux apps. Love it! I might start trying my hand at web development next which is super easy on nowadays.

Linux Hot Take (Disagreements Must Be Constructive) 

is the only successful version of to exist right now. And it's all Capitalism's fault.

Don't get me wrong, I would love to see at least one vanilla GNU/Linux distro ( perhaps?) become successful but good luck beating .

I'm not ashamed to be using a as my main computer, just because Chrome OS isn't inherently bad. It's actually quite useful. Just wish wasn't involved is all.

God, I wish Chrome OS wasn't so delightful to use. The fact that Google uses it as a spy machine is pretty unsettling. I did take some time yesterday to block as many of the Google tracking features as I could find. I'll have to find out where the read/write screw is though so I can try installing Linux on it or something.

I'm sorry but Firefox has never worked for me, Chrome has always worked better and is more secure. Sure, Google can be a real tyrant sometimes but they did make a good product. With a few settings tweaks and extensions I can limit the data Google can collect on me and there is always Chromium for the Open Source purists out there. There, I said it.

I really wish devs would post screenshots of their optimized apps running on so that it adds more legitimacy that apps can not only run natively on but also can be optimized for it. I mean, just a screenshot of an android app running in a window would be nice!

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