Just because I'm a shit coder doesn't mean that I'm not a technical person. Learning about and tinkering with different kinds of software is my jam. I'm trying to build a business on that because I like helping people get the most from their technology. I've felt so bad and embarrassed because I can't code well and flunked out of Computer Science. But that doesn't make me any less technical and in fact, I might be more technical because I can translate geek to noob for people which is awesome!

@revkellyn coding is only one side of IT. There are those who have to deal with infrastructure like servers, routers, switches, and things like that.

@RobCampbell I know right? It does pain me that cloud infrastructure services pushes more towards the developers and devops people and less for sysadmins which probably use these services more. Many sysadmins are just spinning up servers to deploy already developed open source software. Why reinvent the wheel if all a business needs is a best practice and already working solution. Desktop support is still a huge thing too.

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