Ugh, people who claim to be helping people with can be so dumb sometimes. I was forwarded info about a program. It's a . I'm already in a stable , like I really want to work my ass off for no pay just to get a potential job at a large company and become a stooge if I even got a real job there. At least I work for a school which is in the . Fuck Capitalism!

I fully agree with your post - but I'd rephrase the last sentence to "Fuck idiots!" as offering such a position is not capitalistic, it's just plain stupid ignorance and should be treated likewise.


@stefvienna Paying people as little as possible (if at all) and exploiting minorities? Seems pretty Capitalistic to me! I will say that the person who forwarded that info to me was an idiot though.

Well, paying inadequate rates is simply ignorant and downright stupid in the long run, as you won't get new and loose all good workforce in the end.
Capitalism in itself implies intelligence to keep business running for much longer than just one quarter. So again we're back to idiots - and yes somebody who forwards such cramp is an idiot as well.

@stefvienna That's just smart business in general. Sadly most Capitalists can't see past the current fiscal year. lol I mean you're not wrong about these companies being idiots but I feel that Capitalism is the cause of the idiocracy we find ourselves in.

Well, again I don't think that Capitalism in it self is bad, just like any kind of technology isn't bad in itself.
It's short-sighted greed of people that fucks up things.

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