Been thinking about the future of my accounts. I initially saw my account as a stream of my consciousness where I occasionally post about random stuff. I haven't really done much of that so I don't know what to focus on for this account. I'm currently thinking of stuff to write for a and a blog on @write_as and obviously I can boost those feeds from here but other than that I'm not sure. Should I do a poll on what you guys might like to see here?

@revkellyn @write_as I would be interested in the link to your blog on this. I run a #Chromebook as my primary PC.

@farhan I'm just starting the blog, as soon as I have the first post up I'll share the link. 😀

@revkellyn There's a few others, but they tend to be to do "normal" stuff, not "unintended" stuff.

@farhan Yeah, I think the web needs more content on pushing to their limits. Maybe it would help adoption if more people knew about the cool things they can do with it that aren't as common.

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