Why do people feel more isolated after deleting their Facebook accounts and moving to the not caring if their friends don't follow you? Isn't the point to not be isolated? Using for what is was actually intended for? You know, connecting with people more?

@revkellyn I admit that intially I did feel bad. But then once I realized how much better I felt by not being constant arguments with people that I know in real life over some stupid comment. I got over it quickly. Coupled with not having people tell what to think about politics, telling me my opinion was wrong because it was sifferent than theirs.

@revkellyn I found Twitter particularly to revolve around having passive aggressive discussions with someone fourteen every time - I never found I talked to the same person twice and that's quite a lonely experience.
I was happier after deleting my Facebook account - I never liked it anyway. I've stopped looking at my Twitter feed, so I expect I'll delete that account soon too.

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