Linux Hot Take (Disagreements Must Be Constructive) 

is the only successful version of to exist right now. And it's all Capitalism's fault.

Don't get me wrong, I would love to see at least one vanilla GNU/Linux distro ( perhaps?) become successful but good luck beating .

I'm not ashamed to be using a as my main computer, just because Chrome OS isn't inherently bad. It's actually quite useful. Just wish wasn't involved is all.

Linux Hot Take (Disagreements Must Be Constructive) 

@revkellyn But is it a desktop if you still have to be connected to the Internet to use the things it is actually designed for (mostly Google store apps) even though it has a hacked-to-death Linux kernel? From a philosophical point-of-view, most Linux users wouldn't agree that ChromeOS is a desktop but OS running on a cheap "Software As A Service" spyware ARM device, an almost IoT but with a screen. Remember, Amazon exclusively uses Linux too.

Linux Hot Take (Disagreements Must Be Constructive) 

@TheOuterLinux While it is true that Chrome OS was designed to only work with SaaS, you can use both Android and Linux apps on it now, most of which work offline. So I would call it a desktop. It's a different kind of desktop but a desktop none the less.

And yeah, Google is about as open as a clam and they do like to spy but they did make a successful Linux based OS and I'd rather use that than any of Amazon's crap.

Linux Hot Take (Disagreements Must Be Constructive) 


I wish people would stop getting ideological when the reality is this "-ics" and "-isms" blaming by the current youth (and all before them) have always been at best a subjective means of placing a finger on an issue that will not perceptively be the same among the next generation. Google likes money and money is an objective measure of success and always has been regardless of the current time's socioeconomics; it's that simple.

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