While I feel that we should try to support "ethical" software and services, it's important to remember what Sonic the Hedgehog said:

"There is no ethical consumption under Capitalism."

No matter how "ethical" a company tries to be, most of them still operate as companies. Even if all of them became CoOps, there would still be Capital somewhere in the supply chain.

Use whatever software works for you and fight for your rights when you can.

@shelenn Yes, you can say these special types of companies are more ethical than normal companies but they are still structured with a Capitalist hierarchy which is still inherently exploitative. Even if they operated as CoOps (which I'm sure some do), they would still have to get their raw materials for production from full-blown Capitalists. Someone always gets exploited.

@revkellyn While I am far left socially, I am not anti-capitalist. I believe in balanced capitalism with a focus on social programs for those who need help. This level of trade, barter, and being each other's keeper is what naturally evolved in society. The US economic system is out of balance and needs to be restored. The Dem Party platform for 2016-2020 is the most progressive in history and the only chance we have to gain the power to effect pragmatic progressive change is by giving Dems the power they need over the long haul. But the US is not the only country with a capitalist economy out of balance. It takes a village.
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