Hey @switchingsocial,
I'm looking for an (ideally FOSS) alternative to TeamViewer.

I need to support less tech-savvy people using Windows as well as Linux on their computers - and of course it would be great to serve all of them using the same tool...
Most of the host systems don't have a static IP address, and I'm afraid I can't VPN into their local LANs.
Any idea?

Please feel free to retoot - I'm looking forward to any suggestions :mastogrin:


I haven't found a very good solution either. One thing that might work though is to use a Dynamic DNS service like no-IP to setup a VPN or SSH server. Then just setup a FLOSS VNC server and you can remote in that way.

I know this approach is pretty hacky and requires a lot of setup but it would work. I do wish someone would build a true FLOSS TeamViewer alternative.


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