Which company is the worst?

@revkellyn Google and Facebook are on similar levels but because Amazon has their hands in so many other things (replacing the kind-of-sort-of public delivery infrastructure in the U.S, slavery-level "temp labour" stuff, etc) I feel like Amazon is hands down the easiest choice.

I totally agree with you on that one. I mean, Google and Facebook are just in Advertising but Amazon is basically trying to control all of commerce. 🤮

@revkellyn Yes. Lord Bezos is trying to make it cashes and all trackable, killing retailers (small and large alike), and even launching their own Amazon Book stores to add insult to injury. And even though they have people working the counter, you can't pay with cash. :thonk:

@revkellyn Add to that the local grocery stores in ultra low income neighborhoods being killed by discount dollar stores and in slightly less-low-income neighborhoods being killed by Walmart and you have yourself some Grade A Corporate Consolidation. Late stage capitalism at its finest.

@revkellyn Amazon could probably buy Dollar General and Walmart and the U.S. government *still* wouldn't use the anti-trust laws, lmao.

@revkellyn I support capitalism, I don't support those specific companies though.

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