Have you guys heard of ? It's server software you can install on any box and it's designed so that non-technical people can their own . I've been using it for a while and it's pretty awesome. Each file you open is in it's own containerized instance and are by default.

@switchingsocial You may want to check this out and add it to your list if your think it's advanced enough. 😃️


@revkellyn @switchingsocial Ah yes, the good old, "Spend money you don't have to buy this new shiny thing"

@maverynthia @switchingsocial Yeah, I agree that's dumb to have to buy new hardware to use new software. Blame Capitalism, it ruins everything. 😐

@revkellyn @switchingsocial Well in this case since it's FOSS, I blame FOSS for requiring it. It's supposed to be combating this and it's.... not. :<

Yes it's true. FOSS is not the end all solution to this problem. Free Software and Free Hardware must work together with Free Culture and other movements to make computing better and more accessible to all.

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