Good morning Fediverse! I've recently switched from to due to the impending bullshit with disabling ad blockers. Honestly I'm not Firefox's biggest fan because they take money from Surveillance Capitalists but it was easy to disable the in it. It's a shame that doesn't have support yet, otherwise I wouldn't need Firefox.

@revkellyn Good luck with Firefox. I'm not their biggest fan either but I use it too. Useful addons you might like to try include Privacy Badger from the EFF, No-Script and uBlock Origin(it's an ad-blocker). And keep an eye on the default search engines in about:preferences.

Yeah, I use uBlock Origin already with Better's block list. Works pretty well. I used DuckDuckGo as my search engine and yeah I don't want to put too many extensions on my browser due to resource usage and battery drain issues.

@fiona @dublinux Thanks for the tip! I'll check that site out sometime too. I've also been looking at Quant. It's pretty got a pretty neat interface and the results are decent.

@revkellyn The only way I use Firefox for personal use is Firefox Focus on Android. Otherwise on desktop I prefer Chrome with Ghostery.

Yeah, Chrome is a good browser on the desktop but I can't trust it anymore. I do like how Firefox for mobile let's you install extensions. Of course I only installed one, uBlock Origin.

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