“How many ad blocks could an ad slinger block if an ad slinger could block blocks?

Google engineers have proposed changes to the open-source Chromium browser that will break content-blocking extensions, including various ad blockers … Adblock Plus will most likely not be affected”


PS. Guess who gets millions from Google not to block Google?

Hint: A_block _lus.

#SurveillanceCapitalism #Google #Chromium #Chrome #ChromeOS #Chromebook


@aral I think this is what Richard Stallman meant when he said that and Software are not always the same thing. Sure, is creating in the open but when they restrict your ability to run ethical ad blockers, it is not Free.

Right now, I'm trying out many non-Chromium based browsers to find the one I like best. I'm not Firefox's biggest fan since they take money from Google but YouTube works better on it than Gnome Web. Coinsidence? NO!

@revkellyn Yep. But we can also go further and say that free software and ethical technology are not the same thing.

If you made a device that was 100% GPL hardware and AGPL software and was optimised for the sole task of killing puppies you could get it FSF certified.

Free software is one of the prerequisites of ethical technology but it is not, by itself, sufficient to guarantee ethical technology. We also need what the technology does to be ethical.

@aral Totally agree there. Chrome is neither free nor ethical. It's not even GPL licenced so I don't even think you can turn it into free software much less ethical.

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