“Just install Linux on it” is the “just change the engine of your car” of tech.

Not everyone is a mechanic, not everyone wants to be a mechanic, and, if we want a world where freedom is the norm, we must stop expecting everyone to become a mechanic.

Note: this is not because these people are too dumb to be mechanics. It’s because they’re brain surgeons and space-shuttle pilots and they have three kids and they care for a loved one and they don’t have time to also be a mechanic.


1/2: I think the problem is three-fold:

1. Linux isn't delightful to use like other OSs are. But projects like Elementary OS are working to fix that using which is awesome. I can honestly say that anyone can use Elementary.

2. The problem isn't that Linux is hard to install, it's that it's really hard to boot from a USB stick. That's why people need techs like myself to get past that part at the very least.

3. Linux needs to be on more PCs by default.....


@aral 2/2 ... and people need to be aware that these options exist. This is probably the hardest part because there's no budget driving it's promotion. This could be funded from the commons but until that happens, we need to be making people aware of these alternatives as best we can and help people move there if they want to.

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