I keep getting this pain in my neck almost every day for no apparent reason. And I was working on maximum relaxation yesterday. 😭

Meow there Mastodon! :mastodon: :meow:

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the cis arent allowed to talk about transhumanism i made that rule and i will enforce it

Some people ask me what the advantage is to using a Librem 5 + laptop dock instead of just carrying a laptop around. After all, the dock is a similar same size and weight to a laptop. I discussed some advantages in my recent article, but here are a few others:

Hey FOSS community,
Why can I only fork a repository, when actually I want to spoon it?

Hey y'all if you could share this graphic around today and white/non-Black people redistribute some funds if you're able, thank you!!

Forgot to mention this on Mastodon, but this was my last week at @androidpolice after five years.

Later this month I'll be joining the team at xda-developers.com! Maybe I can convince them to make a Masto account too 😛

This is a warning to all the folks who are having kids while doing absolutely nothing to fight capitalism: make no mistake, your children WILL hate you.

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