I don't love the "computers are bad" meme personally. Poor computers! They get so much blame when they just want to help us do things.

I love computers. I feel like it's all the social stuff *surrounding* computers that's sad. Let's make that better, and work with our computer friends to do it in the process!

fediblock: freespeech dot group. it's that same alt-right creep who runs freethinkers dot lgbt.

Just a little sneak peek of a new #activitypub based project I'm working on

Test Toot 

Hello from @sengi_app! Now I may start an alt account or two! :)

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Use what works. – It's the most important aspect of any software you need. If X works well for you, then you're good to go. People always like to make others bend to their preferences, but preference is personal ☺️

I imagine that for things like project Fugu (new platform features Google is adding that Safari/Firefox are resisting), this will matter most at the desktop and tablet level, for users of productivity apps especially. E.g. consider Henrik Joreteg advising clients to "skip the fancy iPad Pro and buy a $300 chromebook." joreteg.com/blog/project-fugu- I guess even someone like Joreteg, though, would probably end up writing an iPad app if his customers already have iPads.

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cool tool to write and decode crontab schedule expressions:


Social networking doesn't have to be fast, engaging and torrential.

It can be slow, intentional, considerate and kind.

📢 Our #Nextcloud client for your Android devices has been updated!

🆕 Latest version: 3.15.1

🗒 Check out the details plus some cool tips about sharing and document editing on our blog!


Happy Tuesday, or as I like to call it, "False Monday"

Apparently I fell asleep on the floor yesterday because the cat was cuddling me. My wife took this photo. 😅😻

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