I don't think I tried hard enough to stretch my high school's uniform policy when I had the chance.

Bus drivers are, I'm sure, very nice people, but I'll be damned if every single one isn't giving me a dirty look whenever I board.

The consequences of wearable tech could expand into the workplace: when employers have access to the data collected, “It’s quite possible there will be effects on whether you are retained, promoted, demoted—who is first to be laid off," says EFF's Lee Tien washingtonpost.com/business/ec

Upcoming 4.1 release of Ephemeral for elementary OS: all new search + suggestions. Startpage.com is now the default search engine, plus a new option to switch it (back) to DuckDuckGo if you'd like. And URL entry suggestions! Over 400 popular websites suggested.

Don’t like mosquitos? Kill still pools of water.

Don’t like Facebook, Google, and surveillance capitalism? Kill venture capital.

To #Pleroma users. I release the fix for the pagination issue. It should be available soon via stores and in few days via #Fdroid. (1.74.1)

Also, this release introduces the custom sharing feature.
More about it at:
For an easy installation from server side: gitlab.com/tom79/custom-sharin


Also, found this rare pic of the usual view from my face while trying to watch YouTube.

One of the reasons you don't get lots of pictures of Merlin is that he's usually too close and/or sitting on my hands.


(嫁さん撮影) #猫 #ねこ #cat #cats

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